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W I L D E S T  D R E A M S

You were destined for greatness.  Before you were born God placed in you a piece of himself.  Out of his own identity you were formed.  We were made to reflect his image.  To look like him.  You were born as a son and a daughter of the living God.  You are his child.  Which means you are an heir to the throne.

God didn’t make a mistake when He created you.  I know that you think that you are flawed.  That something broken couldn’t be used.  Couldn’t be epic.

But God has different plans for you.  This adventure that he wants to take you on… to claim your birthright and find out why you were created the way you are… is there waiting in front of you.

So close your eyes and get ready.

Join us this week as we kick of our  W I L D E S T  D R E A M S.           June 12- June 26