O.k. this is so lame, but it’s almost Christmas, it’s like it sneaked up on us (me). I haven’t done a lot of my normal Christmas Eve rituals, especially my Christmas movie marathon and it’s not looking good.

But fortunately one thing has been rockin’ for me this Christmas – THE INVITE! There are still a few people to talk to, but it’s been on my mind all of December mostly due to how much we’ve talked about it in our weekend services! I’m so encouraged by the responses. “Hey, thanks for this, maybe I’ll come!” is kind of a standard response. At the 24 Hour Fitness I go to, there is likely to be a whole contingent from the early morning crew. This is mostly due to my friend Jim, who came last Christmas eve and has been inviting others freely.

This is the spirit (Spirit?) of Christmas – extending ourselves, inviting others to partake, to be a part of our world, to connect with God.

I think the other thing that has kept me focused is the two MY JOURNEY’S we featured this month. I loved the chain reaction. I was really moved when Brook shared his story. O the power of a SIMPLE INVITATION.

Here’s the bottom line. I just don’t want to feel left out. “How could you,” you ask, “you are Joe speaker at the services.” Yeah, but the fun, the potential, the connection of asking the people in MY world of inviting them is simply an unmatched joy.

Think of this post as your visit from the Ghosts of Christmas past, present & future. Like E Scrooge, you haven’t missed it! It’s not too late! Click here for our special website.